Saturday, January 12, 2019

Check This Out: Batman: The Killing Joke

So I finally just read "Batman: The Killing Joke" and man...IT. DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT! After all these years it still holds up as one of the most incredible stories out there!

The Plot: "All it takes is just one bad day..." Freed once again from Arkham Asylum, the JOKER sets out to prove all it takes is "one bad day" for any sane person to spiral down the pit of madness...and he's chosen COMMISSIONER GORDON as his "test subject" to prove it!

The Takeaway: This is an incredible story masterfully written by ALAN MOORE and beautifully illustrated by BRIAN BOLLAND. It's an absolute MUST-HAVE for any ALAN MOORE or BATMAN fan out there. The story flashes between the present and the JOKER'S least a VERSION of the JOKER'S origin. Can BATMAN stop the JOKER in time? Or is this the first day of the rest of COMMISSIONER GORDON'S spiral into MADNESS??

Check out "Batman: The Killing Joke" through the link below!

Batman: The Killing Joke, Deluxe Edition

...And for the TRUE die-hard fans out there, you'll want to take a look at "Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke (30th Anniversary Edition)" which includes both original AND recolored versions of the story!

Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke (30th Anniversary Edition)

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